Knox County deserves bold leaders that are ready to enact overdue change for our public schools, development strategies, job market, access to opportunity, and government accountability. Dylan is running to take these issues to the forefront of County Commission’s priorities.

Dylan’s priorities for Knox County:

Lifting up Public Schools & Teachers
Responsible, Community-Driven Development

Public schools in Knox County have long been underfunded. For years, people have moved to Knox County with hopes for better education for their children. It has never been more important to invest more money into Knox County Schools.

To truly improve public education in Knox County, the County Commission must prioritize the following:

  • Increased funding for all Knox County Schools
  • Substantial raises for teachers and support staff
  • Ensuring Knox County tax dollars only fund Knox County Schools

Knox County is on a crash course toward a housing crisis. Housing costs are skyrocketing and developers continue to take advantage of our rural communities. It’s time the county commission returned to a development strategy that puts neighborhoods and rural communities first.

Dylan will commit to policies that require developers to engage in good-faith compromise with communities and neighborhoods. Dylan message to developers is this: It is privilege to develop in Knox County and its time to act like it.

Opportunity for All

Hard working residents of Knox County deserve jobs with good wages, quality benefits, and a county government that supports them.

Dylan stands firm in his belief that small businesses and workers deserve the support and relief they need from local government. His work providing marketing consultations has proven how difficult it can be for local businesses to survive, while big developers and corporations are favored for county contracts.

On the County Commission, Dylan will advocate for county contracts to be awarded to union workers and will ensure an overhaul of county regulations to create a local economy that supports small business.

Restoring Accountability to the Knox County Government

A commitment to accountability is what compelled Dylan to run for office. The Knox County government is sick with corruption. County Commissioners are owned by developers and elected officials across the county are surrounded by accusations of misconduct. Dylan will pursue subpoenas for any elected official in Knox County who are accused of misconduct.

It is the responsibility of the County Commission to hold elected officials accountable. Dylan will commit to issuing subpoenas to any elected official accused of misconduct, and will investigate them thoroughly to ensure the integrity of their office.